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Fat Face is my absolute favourite clothing brand and since they launched their new British Heritage Collection they have given me a huge reason to love them even more!

The British Heritage Collection at Fat Face includes a range of outerwear for Men and Women that is all made in Britain with British fabrics.  To create this collection, Fat Face has teamed up with a British clothing company called Cro’Jack which was founded in 2010 by Dean Batty and Daljit Mehat. The collection is made by LS Manufacturing which was founded in the 1950’s by Daljit Mehat’s father.  You can see photos of the factory where this collection was manufactured over on the Fat Face Facebook page.



The main concept for the British Heritage clothing range is to create well made outerwear that is not only functional and able to protect you from all weathers but…

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  1. William Forster

    Just seen an ebay advert for a Far Face top that has a made in China label on it, is this a genuine article? Are some of their products mage in China.


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