British Made Gloves – Gloves Made in the UK

Where to buy British made gloves – leather gloves, woollen gloves, dress gloves, fingerless gloves, disposable gloves, mens gloves, womens gloves, childrens gloves, mittens, Kevlar lined gloves, wool gloves, white gloves, skiing gloves, motorcycle gloves, horse riding gloves, golf gloves, hunt gloves, driving gloves.

Dents make their gloves in England and in the Czech Republic.  Apparently you can tell which of their products are made at their Warminster factory in England because they are the most expensive and on the website you will find their English-made gloves under “The Heritage Collection.”  Dents are part of the Dewhurst Dent Group of companies, who also own Corgi Hosiery (whose socks, scarves and hats are all made in the UK!).  With careful choice you can buy Dents English made gloves.  I have not tried their gloves but they look good.

My M&S leather driving gloves are made in the UK, but I have my doubts about finding any UK made gloves in M&S these days.  There is nothing on their website to indicate where the products they sell are made.

I found some rather nice silk lined thin own brand black leather made in England men’s gloves in John Lewis today (14.02.13) and men’s made in England driving gloves too (again their own brand), both types were £55.

John Lewis Premium Silk Lined Leather Gloves, Made in England.

John Lewis Premium Silk Lined Leather Gloves, Made in England.

I saw some nice made in England “Top Gear” driving gloves in Jacksons of Reading today (19.3.13) at £25.  I think these are Chester Jefferies made gloves.

Chester Jefferies make their gloves in China and in the UK.  Again, with careful selection you can buy Chester Jefferies English Gloves.  I have not tried their gloves but they look good. Chester Jefferies have been making gloves since 1937.

The City Gent Gloves by Chester Jefferies. Made in England

The City Gent Gloves by Chester Jefferies. Made in England

Lissom and Muster sell some Chester Jefferies gloves –

ALWYN GLOVES make British gloves in Worcester, England.  I have not tried their gloves but they look good. Founded in 1963 by the present proprietor, Les Winfield, who apparently still works there – please see the BBC article at  Sadly their website has now disappeared from the internet, so whether Alwyn Gloves are still going I am not sure. Update – Alwyn Gloves closed in November 2015 following the death of Les Winfield.

Southcombe Gloves has been supplying, designing and making gloves in England since 1847. Great gloves.  Some, but not all of their gloves are made in England – you’ll need to check with the company to find out which of their gloves are UK made.

Southcombe Gloves e-bay store

Lewis Leather (Aviakit) are Britain’s Oldest Motor Cycle Clothing Company – Established 1892. They say on their Facebook page in a comment dated 31/5/15 that “all of our leather garments are handmade in the UK” – leather jackets, leather boots and leather gloves. There is some history on the company on Wikipedia. They have a shop in London. Their non leather products are presumably all foreign made, although they do sell some made in England wool mix socks. They also sell British made leather key loops for belts and a British made leather wallet. No information is usually given on their website about the country of origin of individual products or more generally, so please check where the leather boots or jacket or gloves you are thinking about buying are actually made before buying. Possibly they sell British made motorcycle gloves –

i-Quip custom made “Second-Skin” riding/sport glove is the first of its kind offering an exclusive glove which is second to none in providing a true second skin feel and unparalleled grip in all conditions. Their gloves are individually cut using authentic Victorian knives from world class superior performance hides in a choice of 40 stunning colours…by skilled craftsmen in the UK –

The above are selling British leather gloves.  There are companies out there selling British made synthetic and  wool gloves for example will gloves and you’ll easily find wool gloves at craft fares and some small shops.  When I find more I will update this article.

A snowboarding company called Love Inc sell a snowboard / ski glove which is “handmade in the UK”. They also sell “a blunt nosed all mountain board hand made in the UK” and Merino wool top and long johns baselayer which are “crafted in the UK”. I don’t think anything else Love Inc sell is UK made. I first saw the gloves on a website called “Devine Ride” –

vKnit make ladies fingerless (half-finger) gloves in England –

Made in these Isles sell some British made fingerless long wool gloves by Hikaru Noguchi.

Ramnation (Swink It Limited) have the words “MADE IN ENGLAND. All of our products are made entirely in England, from sheep to shop” written on every page of their website. In their about section they say “Our supply chain is entirely UK based. British sheep raised on British farms. A Cornish mill, with an organic certification. A family run factory in Nottinghamshire.” Products are available from their website. They sell men’s cardigans, sports jackets, scarves, fingerless gauntlets (fingerless gloves), and caps, made using British wool. They seem to be a relatively new company but I am not sure when they were founded. They joined twitter in June 2013 –

Britwear Enterprise was established in July 2007 in Leicester. Britwear sell British made thermal underwear for men and women, men’s wooly hats, fingerless (half finger) gloves, ladies tops, etc. They have a Made in Britain section on their website and they say on their website “Whenever possible Britwear aims to support British manufacturing. We have identified a wide range of factories here in the UK. We work with UK manufacturers that offer premium quality garments at reasonable prices. Value for money is key when sourcing garments from factories based here in Britain”. Britwear also have an Amazon shop and an eBay shop –

John Smedley make in England marino wool gloves and much more besides.

Barbour wool gloves might still be made in the UK, but you’ll have to check because most Barbour products are now manufactured abroad.

Eribe knitwear is made in Great Britain – wooly hats, scarves, gloves, jumpers and so on.

Johnstons of Elgin make their wool gloves in the UK, in Scotland (using mostly imported raw materials); and as far as I know all their other products are UK made too –

Used and new British made gloves, particularly wooly gloves, can sometimes be found on eBay and in local indoor / outdoor markets and at craft fairs and country shows.

Some children’s sheepskin mittens by Danecrafts are made in England (it will say which particular products are made in England on their website).

Nursey Sheepskin appear to have kept their production in the UK, although you should check as country of origin is not given against all products, suggesting some are foreign made. “After 170 years in business, Nursey Sheepskin handmakes the finest luxury sheepskin slippers, hats, headbands, gloves and mittens. Cut and stitched in the family’s original workshop in Suffolk, a Nursey Sheepskin product will last you a life time” it says on their website. It seems they had a factory shop up until 2014 and that they no longer do wholesale. Founded in 1846 and they have the claim to fame that Del Boy’, portrayed by Sir David Jason, in the hit BBC comedy ‘Only Fools And Horses’ regularly wore a Nursey coat –

For men’s white gloves try A. Farley Country Attire or Boylan and Co.  Both sell white gloves made in England. Toye & Co white gloves are not made in the UK (and neither are their black ties).  Also, Southcombe Gloves sell white and black UK made ceremonial gloves in their e-bay store.

Mens White Dress Gloves by Hunt & Holditch

Mens White Dress Gloves by Hunt & Holditch.  Made in England.

Friday Fox – – sell made in England woollen hunt gloves.

Gizelle Renee – Their website strongly suggests that their mens and womens gloves, driving gloves, homewear, oven gloves, oyster card holders and baby stuff are made for them in the UK, but you’ll have to check as this may not be the case –

Cornelia James make their ladies gloves in England.

Some Ussen gloves are made in the UK. Their gloves tend to have longer cuffs to stop the gap between the glove and the jacket and are generally made of 98% Polypropylene 2% Elastine or silk. According to their website, every Ussen thermal product is manufactured in the United Kingdom, but I am not sure if that means all their products are made in the UK so you’ll have to check. Their twitter did say at one point said “Ussen is an Outdoor brand, Based in UK, Born in UK and all MADE IN UK!” so perhaps everything is UK made. Their website also says “Whenever possible we make our products right here in UK, a small amount of our products simply can not be made here.” They also make base layers, thermal underwear, hats, gloves and t-shirts, etc. Stockists are listed on their website. Only some products on their website show country of origin against them –

Ussen Thermal Flight Glove (in Olive) with extra long cuff. Made in UK.

Ussen Thermal Flight Glove (in Olive) with extra long cuff. Made in UK.

Ussen Baltic half finger glove, with extra long cuffs. Made in UK

Ussen Baltic half finger glove, with extra long cuffs. Made in UK

Sock Shop sell more than just socks and they highlight which of the socks, tights, gloves, scarves, hats, knitwear, etc they sell are made in the UK on their website – – not all the products they sell are made in the UK. Look for  their British made sections and for their clear British made labelling. Their brands include Welsh brand Corgi, Leicester brand Pantherella, Derbyshire brand John Smedley, Pretty Polly, ELLE, Aristoc, Kinky Knickers, Sealskinz, Ussen, etc.and their own brand SockShop of London

Sealskinz Ultragrip Gloves are all made in England. Their other gloves are foreign made. All their socks, except the liner socks, are also made in England. Unfortunately all their other products are foreign made. On their website they state “We are extremely proud to manufacture over 50% of all our product range by hand in the UK, with factory, warehouse and office facilities in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.”

Sealskinz Ultragrip Gloves, black, made in England.

Sealskinz Ultragrip Gloves, black, made in England.

WBS Retail’s ULTIMATE Mitts are designed and manufactured in the UK. Made of fleece, for adults and children, for golf for example. Not sure where you can buy these. They golf trolly bag covers are probably foreign made as it does not say on their website that they are made in the UK –

Stormchase are suppliers of what they describe as “the ultimate wrist and hand warmer” (fingerless gloves) for outdoor pursuits. Made from a mix of technical man-made fabrics and available in a variety of colours. It is only their wrist warmers that are made in the UK – their full gloves are foreign made –

For disposable gloves (Nitrile Gloves, Latex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves) try Robinson Healthcare. Most of their products are made in the UK, so hopefully their disposable gloves are too, but do check before buying.

SOUTHCOMBE British made Kevlar Lined Leather Gloves

SOUTHCOMBE British made Kevlar Lined Leather Gloves

10 thoughts on “British Made Gloves – Gloves Made in the UK

  1. dorian

    on the website it says that “by purchasing a pair of Southcombe Gloves you are helping to support British manufacturing. Our two factories in Somerset and Dorset employ a large team of skilled leather producers, glove cutters, makers and finishers. These craftsmen and women are involved in the production of our technical gloves supplied to the Fire, Police and Military services.” I would take this to mean than all the technical gloves under the fire police and military section are made in the uk whilst the rest is not.

    1. ukmade Post author

      Hi. Thanks for your comment. Yes, that’s about right. Some, but not all of their gloves are made in England. I think it is mostly the technical gloves that are UK made, but some other gloves are made in the UK too for example their white ceremonial gloves – you’ll need to check with the company to find out which of their gloves are UK made.

  2. Ed

    Marks and Spencer – If their Peterborough store is typical, they sell nothing made in the UK. All their stock is made in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India and China.

    1. ukmade Post author

      Hello. Thank you for your comment. I’m afraid that is typical – except for foodstuffs, little or nothing in M&S is made in the UK these days. Certainly you will struggle to find any M&S clothes that are made in the UK.

    1. ukmade Post author

      Hi. Thank you for sharing this fascinating article. He seems to have been a great character as you say and it’s sad to hear of his death.


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