Taylor of Old Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond Street London are suppliers of men’s shaving and grooming products and was established 1854. The shaving soaps pictured below are made in England. They currently (in 2013) cost £7.95 but a 150g tub lasts for ages. They seem to help prevent in-growing hairs and shaving rash. Taylor of Old Bond Street also sell at least one razor that is made in England, the “Jermyn Street Travel Two-Piece Mach3 Razor in Leather Box”, which uses the foreign made Gillette Mach 3 blades. They might have more razors that are made in England if you visit their shop? They also sell made in England shaving cream, made in England shaving brushes (one of which is pictured below), plastic shaving brush holders which are apparently made in the UK (although they do not say made in England on them, which worries me), and UK made moustache wax; as well as being a London barbers and selling a variety of other mens grooming products (some of which, like the soaps, are made in the UK). You can buy their products in their shop in London, or at Selfridges, London, or through their website or elsewhere online. The premises of Taylor of Old Bond Street are actually in Jermyn Street, not Old Bond Street by the way. I use the Eton College variety of shaving cream and a Taylor badger shaving brush, both of which are fabulous.

Taylor of Old Bond Street also make a moustache wax in a 30ml tin and another in a 15ml tube, both of which are made in England.

Mr. Taylor’s Moustache Wax is also available from The Gentleman’s Shop in Hungerford, Berkshire. Their website is at www.gentlemans-shop.com (Enter “wax” in the Search-by-Keyword field). The Gentleman’s Shop stock a wide range of shaving and grooming products.

Taylor of Bond Street also sell a very easily manoeuvrable and comfortable to use ivory coloured moustache comb (I040) in their shop which, whilst it is actually made in Europe, is at least apparently finished in the UK.

Without doubt, Taylor of Old Bond Street is one of the best shops in London.



Taylor of Old Bond Street shop, London, May 7, 2012

Taylor of Old Bond Street shop, London, May 7, 2012.

Taylor of Old Bond Street I040 moustache comb.  Made in Europe; finished in England. Photo by author.

Taylor of Old Bond Street I040 moustache comb. Made in Europe; finished in England. Photograph by author.

Taylor’s shaving cream. Made in England.

Taylor’s shaving brush. Made in England. Photograph by author.




2 thoughts on “Taylor of Old Bond Street

  1. AJAX

    TOBS is that rare thing – a MADE IN ENGLAND manufacturing success story. There’s an increasing counter-culture market of guys returning to old skool shaving who are unsatisfied with the expense & lack of character of where Gillette has taken modern shave technology to, with its cheap quality shaving foams & 5 blade gimmicky plastic bodied razors that cost far too much & have reduced the art of shaving to a throwaway chore. They’re going after the quality & ritual experience of the older razors, with their art & precision engineering design & feel, shaving brushes & quality lathers. TOBS is regarded amongst this set – who buy into the concept of old school “English Quality” – as the best lather in the world, & it’s selling well to rave reviews amongst it in the Anglosphere, particularly the USA. England needs far more of this kind of manufacturing success.

    I use the ‘Sensitive’ (yellow top) variant & it’s a A1 lather.

  2. ukmade Post author

    Ajax – I don’t know if I ever thanked you for your eloquent and interesting comment (if not I apologise wholeheartedly – I do usually try to respond to people who take the time and effort to write). Anyway, thank you. You might be interested to see my article about razors and other shaving products made in the UK, which delves into the art of shaving more deeply at https://ukmade.wordpress.com/2012/09/24/king-of-shaves/


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